R.G. Dun & Co. Credit Reports for R.Bannerman, Rouses Point, New York


(1) R.G. Dun and Co. New York, Vol. 53, p.363

R.Bannerman. Rouses Point. Pipes.

Sub. Opp.

February 8 1876, Character and habits good, ability fair. Capacity judge about $ 2000. Real Estate $ 2000, prospects good. Pays cash so far for all indebtedness, very prudent think him safe. June 24 1876, Character and habits appear good. Real Estate $ 2000. This is a Montreal firm. Employ about 40 hands and pay cash for everything, have orders for all the pipes they can make. Believe it is a good concern. November 28 1876, Believe him good, pays cash for everything here and seems to be doing well, has bought real estate here to the amount of $ 2500. April 28 1877, Same. May 29 1877, Reputation and credit good.

(2) R.G. Dun and Co. New York, Vol. 53, p.302.

R.Bannerman.    Rouses Point.  Manufacturer of Clay Pipes.

December 1877, Adventurer from Canada came here over a year ago and the building and lot he now occupies he gave $ 3500. Has made improvements and employs over 30 hands making pipes. Pays his employees every 30 days regularly and hear of no complaints. Is worth at present value $ 5000. July 17 1878, Maintains his usual standing and is evidently on the gain. December 26 1878, Doing a substantial and safe business also has a manufactory in Montreal. July 7 1879, Good and safe, Robert Bannerman is in Montreal. His brother-in-law M. Gilboy is in charge here. Character and habits good. February 11 1880, Doing his business in Montreal, PQ., also has a place here which is carried on by his brother-in-law. Keep about 20 hands at work, most of their pipes go to Michigan and New Orleans. They are a large family and all work together. Property here worth say $ 1500. July 2 1880, Mr. Gilboy is the manager here, are prompt in all their dealings at the place. December 22 1880, Doing a fair and safe business. His brother-in-law, M. Gilboy carries on his business here. Bannerman has also manufactory in Montreal in pipes and also another making hemp rope a short distance from Montreal.

(3) R.G. Dun and Co. New York. Vol. 53, p. 561

R.Bannerman. Rouses Point. Clay Pipes.

January 24 1882, His principal business is in Montreal. This being only a branch but this manufactory is kept to work everyday, employing about 15 hands. Character and habits good. Owns real estate worth $ 1500. Prospects good. January 30 1883, Closing out here. August 7 1883, Closed business here has some real estate which he is trying to dispose of and his business in Montreal – making rope. His property here is for sale worth about $ 2500.


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