De Meuron Regiment Uniforms 1813-1816

The De Meuron regiment upon entering British service changed its uniform from the Dutch standard to British uniform conventions – a red coat and grey trousers. Officers wore white trousers. The graphic below shows the uniforms of various members of the regiment.

De Meuron Uniform

The regiment in coming to Canada would have been equipped with Brown Bess muskets. The Brown Bess was standard issue to British regiments from 1722 to 1838. There have been a few references to Meuron’s Swiss Regiment (MSR) Brown Bess’s found in North America. David Gibbins has assembled the best information to date on muskets attributed to the de Meurons in a blog article published in 2015. The reference to MSR is found in original archival documents relating to the de Meurons.

Other elements of the uniform that have been detailed are the buttons and shako plate which have been reproduced by Historical Twist a company that produces museum grade reproductions. A button has also been found in the UK which is different in design.

The regimental flag is one of the most unique and colourful among British regiments. A reproduction of the regimental flag hangs in the Military Museum of Colombier (Neuchatel ) in Switzerland.

de Meuron Regiment



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