De Meuron Regiment

De Meuron Regiment


de Meuron Regiment

The Swiss de Meuron regiment served in Canada under British command from 1813 to 1816. The regiment left Malta on May 5th 1813 bound for Canada. On board the HMS Melpemone, The HMS Regulus and the HMS Dover were 6 captains, 20 lieutenants and ensigns, 54 sergeants, 22 (tambour) drums and 1001 rank and file. The HMS Melpenome arrived at Halifax on July 6th 1813, followed by HMS Regulus and HMS Dover on the 8th of July. On July 22nd the regiment arrived at Quebec.

The Shipping notice in the Halifax paper read; Tuesday, July 6th; H.M. Ship Melpemone, from Gibraltar – sailed 4th June in company with H. M. Regulus and Dover, having on board the Regiment De Meuron, about 1100 strong, destined for Quebec. Their departure from Halifax was noted Saturday evening July 10th – Sailed H.M. ships Regulus, Dover and Melpemone, for Quebec, having on board the troops composing  De Meuron’s Regiment.

The regiment arrived in Quebec City on the 5th of August 1813.

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