De Meuron Regiment Enlistment from other British Regiments

At the end of 1809 the de Meuron Regiment counted 798 men according to Guy De Meuron.  In a previous post I listed a number of soldieres who had transferred from other British regiments. In early 1810 the regiment’s numbers grew again. Some of the new recruits were transfers from the Sicilian Regiment, the Chasseurs Britanniques and the de Roll’s Regiment who were all stationed at Malta.

Sicilian Regiment

Frederic de Greyss, transferred on the 25th of March 1810. He had enlisted at Messina on the 30th of December 1807. He was let go on the 26th of January 1815. Frederic’s civil occupation is listed as Gentleman. He was from Marienborn in Hesse. Marieborn is not far from Hanover in Germany. He was soldier 2146.

Joseph Tiestler, transferred on the 24th of May 1810. He had enlisted at Malta on 28th of April 1810. Joseph’s civil occupation is listed as carpenter. He was from Munich Germany. He was soldier 2149.

Jean (John) Claude Geruro, transferred on the 25th of September 1811. He had enlisted at Malta. He was let go on the 26th of November 1814. Jean Claude’s civil occupation is listed as orfevre which is either a gold or silver smith. He was from Paris France. He is soldier 2399.

Chasseurs Britanniques

Nicolas Bock, transferred on the 26th of August 1810. He enlisted at Malta the same day. He was from Manafre, Naples. He deserted the 13th of September 1814 at Plattsburgh.He was from  He was soldier 2182.

de Roll’s Regiment

Wolko Gerber, He had enlisted at Malta on 25th November 1809. He was promoted to Sergeant at Arms on December 11th 1809.  Wolko’s civil occupation is listed as weaver. He was from Framger or Tramger Ostende in Holland. Ostend today is in Belgium. His transfer from the de Roll’s regiment was authorized by L. General Stuart. He was discharged in Montreal on the 10th of January 1816. He was soldier 2135.

In searching the regimental records one of the things that has struck me the most is the very high level of desertions. In a future blog article I will look at the desertions that occurred in Lower Canada and at Plattsburgh, USA.

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